Posted by: nastylittletruths | October 21, 2010

Shades Of NAR 1986-1991

If there was ever a case of deja vu, this has got to be it. While there are definitive differences in the NAR administration of 1986 to 1991 to this current PP administration, there is one common thread – Winston Dookeran, the man who epitomises the dismal science.

The deja vu feeling however is the stringent and draconian measures that have to be taken after rampant PNM wastage and stupidity. Make no mistake about it, however, we are deep in the crap… The problem that keeps raising its ugly head is a majority of ministers who don’t have a clue of what they are doing, much less saying, and a PM who says the right words and does nothing…

Let’s start with Dooks. And for the uninitiated, the man who led the party I supported in 2007, but promptly called for his resignation as political leader when he lost his seat. I consider myself very objective and right is right… If you are rejected by the electorate, politics say that you move on. But back to the matter at hand – why does Winston think that every contract signed before May 24th is ‘racket’? And why is he not paying contractors for work done (myself included) but yet CLICO (gnashing teeth) is taking up so much airtime?

And please explain to the population why twice on my TV news I saw you in the company of Amrith Maharaj – the one time (or still?) financial director of Ish Galbaransingh’s companies and who himself was (or is?) in court on corruption charges regarding the airport? Twice Winston… Cleaning drains and touring your constituency – check the news files…

Tonight I heard that Vasant Bharat has suspended 11 EMBDC projects in accordance with their new policy on agricultural lands until a board is installed and can advise on a way forward. I expected better from Vasant who should have been the finance minister. I don’t know all the contractors involved, but I am sure that they have valid contracts that can and will be used to penalise this government for arbitrarily suspending their work and loss of profits, etc. Is this the new method of wasting money? Don’t pay for work done, suspend contracts and pay in courts? What utter stupidity…

And where is my beloved PM who makes all the right noises and yet this country is spiralling further into recession/depression. One of my acquaintances was telling me that the hypocrisy of the PM and Cadiz going to the UK to woo investors and he, as a country manager of an English company, is ready to pack up and leave! His company is already here and wants to leave! Who will be interested in coming when they make that public – and we are not talking about a small company, but a FTSE 100 business…

Yes, we understand all the ills the previous administration has saddled us with, but we can move forward. Cut the ole talk and start doing real work. This population will never forgive you if this continues until December. The NAR won 33-3 and won only 2 seats after five years. Your litmus test is coming in three years time – it’s shorter than you think – and bet your bottom dollar they’ll go for the PNM again. If you believe in a higher power, he has certainly abandoned us – God really don’t like stupid…



  1. The NAR was unpopular because the austere measures included a 10% wage cut and freezing of increments for public servants. It did help the economy somewhat, following a frenzy of hog feeding from the PNM… but you can’t piss of public servants and expect to get their votes.

    Now the situation is slightly different. Austere measure not so obvious, but Kamla’s attempt to sideline her supporters and get into the PNM is a bad, bad move. For one thing, history over the past 50 years has shown us that PNM party loyalty is thicker than crapaud leather. They will accept the hand that feeds them until time to vote, then turn around and become rabid.

    In the meantime, by pandering to PNM supporters in the name of ‘inclusion’ Kamla is quickly disenchanting her own supporters. Pretty soon, they will be leaving (to COP?). I already foresee the PP will not win the next election.

    • You would think that she’d learn from Bas and Sadiq’s errors… They abandoned Central and South and went to the East-West corridor giving as much as they can, but with no reward. Thicker than crapaud leather indeed…

      I think that it’s more an arrogance that the ‘faithful’ supporters will vote for you no matter what, so pay them scant attention while wooing the other side. The only consituency that does that is the PNM…

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