Posted by: nastylittletruths | October 15, 2010

Hearts Of Stone

* Update: for those who missed the clip and was asking to see it:

If you never believed that politicians have hearts of stone, you had to see a clip shown on C-News on Wednesday night. Now no politicians were mentioned or shown during the clip, but for me as a person watching it I had no choice but to blame our entire political culture (the voters and the ‘votees’) for the sheer frustration I felt.

Lisa Seecharan’s husband was murdered last year – his body found dumped in a cane field – and was the sole bread-winner of the family. She had to vacate where she was living and moved in with a man who was a drug addict. In her words – with the finality of acceptance – she admitted that it was not the best move she made, but she had a roof over her family’s heads. After the drug addict stole and sold all of her meagre possessions she moved to a shack somewhere in the middle of the bush in Kelly Village where she was seen struggling to lay pieces and scraps of pipe that she found to bring water to her family. When she said, with tears in her eyes, that she could drink water whole day and be ‘good with that’ but when her children said they were hungry… – I felt the catch in my throat and moved away from the television.

How, pray tell, do you move on in life when these sad stories surround you day in day out? How can a politician who was just fed and pampered, well dressed and gleaming to the hilt walk up to a podium in an air-conditioned venue surrounded by the movers and shakers of industry and speak about ‘alleviating poverty’, ‘social safety nets’, ‘catching the killers’, spending ‘millions’ here and ‘billions’ there help people like Lisa and her children? How does the bleeding heart lawyer stand in front of TV cameras and a court fighting to save a condemned man from the hangman’s noose – most of the time, free – but wouldn’t go look for Lisa with some food in a hamper? Or maybe a bottle of water seeing that she can be ‘good’ with that? Where is the justice for the victims’ families? Especially when they are thrown into a living hell like this?

There are two choices any man/woman can  make – do something to help, or condemn her actions of not having an education or making bad choices… Our world has conditioned us to do the latter – think about me first and the rest be damned. I have seen outpourings of goodwill and empathy from ordinary men and women that hearten my soul on the future of mankind, but it’s a losing battle. And then I see those heartless politicians and some businessmen/women who are only about the great dollar and the even greater power over others…

Lisa Seecharan’s life pained my soul on Wednesday night and I can only do what I can. Money can only do a little for a short time, but where is the safety net for people like this in our society? I hope Glen was trotting out to help because so far he seems to be on the right track (except for the full-page ads of his ‘accomplishments’ in the dailies). Friday is usually my happy day as I leave the city and go to re-charge back in my hometown, but I couldn’t not mention this story. Maybe I can get some of the guys to walk with a hacksaw and some solvent to lay pipe when I go looking for Lisa in Kelly village this weekend…



  1. With your permission, I’d like to repost this on jumbie’s Watch, please.

    • Of course, please do…

  2. I read this earlier and got in touch with a local councillor who usually helps. But I cannot get the followup info for her. Cannot find the C news report either. Is Seecharan the correct name? Can you please email me any info that might help?

    • Here’s the link to the story:

      • Thank you. The councillor has been in touch with her and we’re looking to provide both short term and long term assistance, primarily food and shelter.

      • No… thank YOU Angeli.

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