Posted by: nastylittletruths | October 13, 2010

How’s That For Irony?

It will be the greatest irony indeed if the man who promoted the right of recall of Members of Parliament is one of the MPs, if not the first, to be so called…

Stephen Cadiz, as Chairman of YesTT and prior to that Chairman of the Keith Noel 136 Committee, had two planks in his quest for political power – the right of recall for non-performing MPs and the concept of public referendum before any major decision by government. I had no problems with it and admired the man for his tenacity.

In the lead up to the 2007 elections when he joined the UNC, he had a taste of real politics when there were moves afoot to make Kamla deputy leader or something like that and Jack Warner flew back in a huff and quashed that ‘impertinent’ thought. It is history that he resigned from the party immediately after, rejoined to fight the Chaguanas East constituency on a UNC ticket last May, won the seat and is now the Minister of Trade and Industry.

Here’s the problem… Strike One – the screening for a UNC candidate to fight the Chaguanas East constituency prior to the May 24th election was a sham and Cadiz should have distanced himself from ‘setting up’ other potential candidates when it was a done deal for him. This was no different to the pappyshow that goes on when Manning faced his screening committee or Volney for St. Joseph…

Strike Two – during the local government elections he encouraged one of his supporters Pradeep Cassieram (now working at his constituency office as a field officer) to fight as an independent when the nod was given to someone else for the Enterprise North seat. Needless to say Pradeep was branded as an ‘agent of the PNM’ by Jack Warner who mentioned the ‘encouragement’ of a ‘senior cabinet member’ without calling any names. The sheer hypocrisy of supporting a rejected LE candidate when Stephen himself benefitted from the same corrupt screening process during the GE calls this as a strike.

Strike Three and counting – if you can get the travel log of this Minister since his appointment. He’s racking up some serious miles while his constituency is neglected and taken care of by incompetents whose only claim to fame is walking the road during an elections campaign. Their standard comment is that ‘those issues can be seen by the councillor for the area’, but these characters are nowhere to be found. I heard that one of them only shows up on pay-day…

My tired old cry about MPs who have no intention of serving the people (say it three times) but only want a minister wuk is very apparent here, but who’s listening? My family in Enterprise have already started to mobilise against this dead-stick MP and they are a formidable group when bounded by a common objective.

I heard when I was there over the weekend that they are making an approach to one of the rejected applicants in the GE (also from another powerful clan in Enterprise) who still has popular support in the area to act as a ‘shadow MP’ of sorts to pressure Cadiz into action. Apparently he thinks five years is a lifetime, or he plans to fix himself good and proper in this term for when he returns to his business…

The Economist recently had a story about the general failures of businessmen/women in politics so this may just be another statistic.


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