Posted by: nastylittletruths | October 12, 2010

The ‘Flapper’ Moniker

There are so many ‘flappers’ around I was trying to remember the first time I applied the term to someone and I think that the honour goes to Harry Harnarine when he was the president of the HCU.

In time it was applied to Inshan Ishmael and then Ian Alleyne, but Jack Warner has won the race by too many lengths to count. Making PH ‘legal’? How do you do that? I guess if you kill enough people then we’ll make murder legal? (A bit overboard on the comparison there, but you get my drift…). There’s a reason there are rules and regulations in licensing a person to be a taxi-driver and if you want to make PH ‘legal’, here’s a short and sweet route – point them to existing framework. Damn stupidness…

So when I let my mind wander like a leaf in the wind I worry about these ‘flappers’ in the PP administration and with Jack heading the list followed closely at one time by Therese, you realise in this very large cabinet people have just disappeared in the background! So what applicable moniker can we apply to the People’s Partnership (PP)?

Political Parrots?

Professional Prattlers?

Spending too much time on PNM Past and not Performing Properly?

As my mother used to say about people when I was much younger – they like to ‘pak-pak’ too much?

I’ll get one soon…


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