Posted by: nastylittletruths | September 23, 2010

Getting The Gang Back Together

So Camini Marajh, in her usual style, has ruffled some feathers – to put it mildly – and defences have been coming out even in full page ads. But the question being asked is, why now? Why after so many years of PNM legal warfare without any charges being laid against the people, who the Sunday Express investigative articles are subtly targeting, is Camini asking us to re-look at the whole DESALCOTT deal?

One reason that comes to mind is the ease with which two major players then have now returned to government and WASA with a billion dollars to spend in one year… Emmanuel George from PS is now minister, and former minister Ganga Singh is Acting CEO at WASA – a political appointment…

Of interest too is that DESALCOTT has been contracted to increase their output (before this present government’s time) and the person managing the project is former WASA Capital Works, and now a Hafeez Karamath’s company employee, Tewari Tota-Maharaj. And for those whom politics is a nine-day wonder, this guy was a professional who was fired from WASA when the PNM party came back into power because he was too close to the UNC party. During the UNC’s tenure he was the Port Authority’s Chairman.

Who else? Is Khansham Kanhai making a comeback too? At one time the special adviser to Ganga Singh and then catapulted into the CEO’s chair at WASA , I heard him speaking at a professional seminar basically seeking the kudos of bringing the ‘UN’ into the evaluation of the whole desalination issue. Now we know, thanks to Camini the whole thing was a sham. Was Khansham and George really that dense? They can’t admit that, but will now say that everything was above board.

And before I forget, the last PNM administration was more gung-ho about desalination planning to build four plants and already gave Hafeez the contract to increase production at Pt. Lisas. I also remember the stink that US Filter (with their partner Bhagwansingh’s Hardware) made and wrote the then government saying that they will never take part in any bidding process in this corrupt country. Do you think that Hubert has changed his mind and wants to get involved again seeing that they made substantial financial investments in this current administration?

My father is to always say that no matter how deep you bury something it will stink one day… We can only wait and see how things unfold.


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