Posted by: nastylittletruths | September 15, 2010

Parallel Declines – After The Oratory

This post was written nearly two years ago (21 months to be more precise) and even though it still is a good read (self praise, aye?), I can draw parallels to Obama’s decline in popularity and our prime minister… Uncanny, but any social scientist will tell you that too many expectations lead to early disappointment…

And just today I was speaking to some friends about how I’ll miss the ole Patos on a political platform, because if you give jack his jacket, he was always the best of the lot on a soapbox… That is how he was able to whip his crowd in a frenzy which in turn made him feel like a god… (My favourite latin quote is most applicable here… “sic gloria transit mundi“)

I wonder if he’ll make a contribution to the budget debate? Not that it won’t be painful to him, but San Fernando East does have representation in Parliament, don’t they?


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