Posted by: nastylittletruths | September 14, 2010

Here’s A Hint

I heard that the Chairperson of the Tunapuna Piarco Regional Corporation, Khadijah Ameen is looking for some answers with regard to the collapsed townhouse/apartment building at Elizabeth Gardens in St. Joseph. (Seriously Khadijah – the building was approved but the soil was not capable of supporting the building? What does that mean?)But here’s a tip on where to start… Larry Seecharan, the Building Inspector. Time to answer all those difficult questions from the politicians, Larry!

I wonder when you were sitting on your ample rear and turning a blind eye to all the infractions (using your tired worn out excuse that if the government could build without approvals, who are you to say anything) you ever thought that people’s lives could be in danger and one day your inaction will catch up to you. You, sir, are probably one of the most incompetent government employees I’ve ever had the misfortune to cross paths with. And for those who are wondering why I am being so harsh – it’s because I simply don’t pay…

I remember clearly the first time I recall you getting into the limelight; when you had to issue one of your infamous “show cause” notices to the contractor working on the church in Guanapo. I was trying to figure out if you were happy for the media exposure, frightened out of your skin that someone may bring forth an approval with your signature, or just plain upset that you had to actually work? All good things come to an end, but for some things like this it seems forever.

These photos were taken from the online Trinidad Guardian and all credit due to them:

And not to lay the blame solely on the building inspector, but the developer here was trying his utmost to lower his cost base and increase his margins – typical modus operandi of most Trini developers – but in the absence of a true building code he will get away scotch free.

Note to any prospective home buyer – build yourself if you can and hire competent people. Yes, you will meet the crooks at Town and Country, the Corporations and Public Health, but stick to your guns and they will eventually back down after giving you some stress. The only cost to you will be time…



  1. ‘scot free’ not scotch free…

    • Aah… a good point and one I’ve come across before. I’ve always been a bit partial to the more ‘contemporary’ usage (not to mention, local) where ‘scotch’ refers to a ‘cut, gash or score’, hence getting away ‘scotch free’ is intended to mean ‘without a mark’. But the phrase that you pointed out, while quite correct, had its origins in taxation and we all want to get away from that!! Thanks for your continued support and referrals.

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