Posted by: nastylittletruths | August 27, 2010

Yuh Hear Spin?

So it’s official – Cabinet has approved the salaries of the Canadian Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner of Police Dwayne Gibbs and Jack Ewatski in the sum of US$200k and C$205k respectively. (Now I observe movements of  foreign currency a lot and the C$ has a tendency to go higher than the US$, so it seems as if the deputy got a better deal…)

Now I couldn’t care less about these men’s salaries, but I do care that Piggot and Williams get the same pay as Ewatski. There is no way it can be justified that three men who went through the same recruitment and evaluation process and got hired to fill three similar positions can work for different salaries. I smell a lawsuit for discrimination under the Equal Opportunities Act, but we’ll see how that goes…

The focus of this post, however, is the Minister of National Security – and by extension, Cabinet – trying to insult us by explaining the salary as an inducement for men to leave their home countries and come to work in the killing fields of Trinidad. No, no, no… these guys applied for a job here. Is Cabinet trying to tell us that they applied but thought they could have done it remotely via the internet? Hogwash… Instead of treating us like children (sounds like the ole Patos’ way) tell us that you want to give something new a shot.

TT$3m in one year is small money to try something new against this crime wave. We know that they can be fired for non-performance unlike the Commissioners who ‘move up the ranks’. But also tell us if there are any costs attached to termination. Will they be paid anything if after one year they failed and are asked to leave? We just came off a global financial crisis (well, not as yet…) and banks’ CEOs were paid handsomely after they were fired! They lost millions and were paid millions to leave because of the infamous ‘contract’. Make it clear that we will owe these guys nothing if this comes to pass.

So Messrs. Gibbs and Ewatski, good luck in TnT – you need it badly. You have come from a territory where people more or less obey the rules because they know the chances of getting caught and punished is very high. In this country you will be overseeing a police force that is a bunch of lazy-asses who most likely joined the service to be a bully first. So the situation is totally reversed to what you are accustomed to. Low crime rates, efficient police force to high crime rates, delinquent police force – pressure. And never mind how impressed the Minister was with your resumes, I know that you have never done this before.

As a parting shot; I’m not impressed with Canadians… So far they have proven to be too much involved in our affairs and for some reason we attract the worst that our politicians are seemingly enamoured over.



  1. Your third paragraph is quite on spot…

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