Posted by: nastylittletruths | August 9, 2010

The Rise Of Christian Fanaticism – Again…

“Patrick Manning was ordained by God to rule Trinidad and Tobago”… Now when you hear or read crap like this, you really wonder about the mental stability of the speaker/writer.

I try to get up to speed with the news online when I am on the run, but never make the mistake and try to read the comments by ‘readers’ in either the Express or Guardian. My word, it makes you feel ashamed to be a member of the human race, much less a Trinidadian. Yuh talk ’bout ignant people! I always say the same way some people were never meant to be on the road driving, some people were never meant to have a computer and an internet connection.

If you doubt me, try it one day on a strong stomach… The current vein is about the ‘unholiness’ of the new government and the their ‘idol worshipper’ supporters who ‘put God out of their minds’ and removed from power the man who was ‘ordained by God’ hence the floods to ‘wash away’ the sins of the ‘unfaithful’. Serious! Check this one from last week:

After all the bashing by the Christian fanatics (because their bigotry was enhanced by the obvious ethnic origin of the couple in the picture) one guy was painfully trying to point out the picture of the Lord Jesus Christ on the door to the back. Apparently if you are of East Indian origin (I hesitate to use the correct term South East Asian because 9 out of 10 people don’t understand it) you are automatically an ‘idol worshipper’. You are not good enough to be a Muslim, a Christian or anything else. In the same breath, one wonders what are they thinking about the floods in Pakistan, China and Europe and the drought and bush fires in Russia? Is the whole world paying for the removal of Pastor Patrick?

They speak about the Lord being their Light and Salvation, but what the really need is the light of education to remove the ignorance that dwells in the dark recesses of their brain. Granted that I don’t go to Church anymore, but I never learnt this when I did attend. I wrote about the leanings of the then government two years ago, but now we are seeing the anger of their erstwhile supporters. Going on three months with a supposedly ‘heathen’ government, will we see more vicious attacks being made? You betcha. Maybe it’s all being masterminded by the Christian with a capital ‘C’… Her removal from government was a gift from God!


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