Posted by: nastylittletruths | August 5, 2010

A Tired Shout In The Wind

I have said this so many times I’ve started to bore myself, but I have to take it out for one more spin before I close it forever. Who’s listening anyway…

To begin, let me declare my interests (well, in a roundabout way). I have a vested interest in seeing this government headed by Kamla Persad-Bissessar succeed. It is important to me on a personal level and that’s as much as I can say about it – nothing about business, nothing about money, nothing about past issues and past governments. That being said, I still maintain the right to speak out when I see things being done that I disagree with.

And I disagreed with the talk during the local government election campaign about the importance of the councillors and them being the conduit between the people and their MPs. Now I feel insulted… I know the difference between the representation of the two people I elect into office, but does my MP, and by extension his government knows?

Our system of governance has become so convoluted not only does the people not know, but even the government doesn’t! I explained the legal maxim in a previous post nearly two years ago: “Delegata potestas non potest delegari” – “A delegated power cannot itself be delegated”.  And why? Because the responsibility on whom authority was delegated to in the first place has to remain right there.

My municipal representative is responsible for the services delivered to us by the various state bodies. Roads, drainage, utilities, community services, health, even security to a certain extent. In a nutshell, he/she has to ensure that the services our tax dollars pay for reach the citizens in a tangible, or intangible, but acceptable form. My MP’s responsibility is to represent the vision I have for my community and my country in the legislature – not as a minister in the executive – and lobby for it to happen through enactment of laws or for the political will by the executive to get it done.

Secondly, how can ex-PNM deadwood really benefit the party and the government? I understood the frustration of the few Independents who bravely ran against their own party when they were sidelined in favour of those whom the  executive wanted, but what about all the other nameless and faceless supporters who see Anthony “never-got-up-and-made-a-valid-contribution-in-parliament” Joseph and Ian “interfere-with-a-ballot-box-and-got-away-scotch-free-because-video-evidence-not-allowed” Atherly getting accolades as if they’ve brought something substantive to the Partnership. I put it to you that it’s all about the wrong type of politics… It’s only someone massaging their ego by ‘sticking it to the PNM’. Absolutely no other value, if you wish to call it that in the first place. 

And so my tired shout dies to nary a whimper…



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