Posted by: nastylittletruths | July 28, 2010

1956 to 2013 or 2015?

Which will it be? Will the PNM party – an institution in the political landscape of TnT – ring their last bell in 2013 or 2015? I don’t think that the electorate rejected the PNM, as is popularly touted, during the general elections of 05/24 since the numbers showed only 5% of their core support didn’t come out. (300,000 votes in 2007, 285,000 votes in 2010). The test was yesterday… While I thought it was very unlikely that the PP could get people out to vote as they did in May, I was more than surprised to see the PNM couldn’t get their stalwarts to come out either!

If I was a political science student, what would I have written about this phenomena? I will hazard a guess that it was the absence of fear… The PNM machine could not raise the level of hysteria as they did in the run up to the general elections as the PP has been in power for two months. There was no ‘devil you don’t know’ this time around. The people saw the government in action, and apart from the occasional comic relief, they are not all that disturbed. Been there, done that. The world will not come to an end if the PNM is out of power.

But what does this say of the future? When the PNM lost its first election to the NAR in 1986 days we had mass discontent due to structural adjustments, a fracturing of the coalition and an attempted coup. The PNM was able to re-brand and so distance itself from the old guard deemed to be corrupt. The dimpled leader was a rising star and could do no wrong (but his epitaph will note that he was responsible for mortally wounding the party) and was able to wrest back power in 1991 through a population who had had enough of this ‘experiment’.

The years between 1991 and 2010 can fill another post, but I am really thinking about Keith Rowley’s PNM for the next three years… The lifespan of the local bodies is only three years so the ruling party will have the best litmus test of its performance when that election rolls around in 2013. If the PNM is not able to make any headway then, the balisier for all intent and purposes will be dead. The ruling party can then continue with what they are doing for their full term without any need for an early election. (Even if they do badly they will have two years to correct themselves).

And in 2015? You can’t run a campaign on an empty war chest and it was so blatant in this local government election. All the PNM’s shock and awe advertising was non-existent  as it was in the May election. (You see what stolen state funds could do…) Things were so bad I saw hand-painted cloth tied down to chain-link fences No fancy cut vinyl with new rope and a T&TEC lift truck again…


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