Posted by: nastylittletruths | July 19, 2010

10.5 Reasons To Vote PNM On July 26th

1. A protest vote

2. To keep PP on their toes

3. When you hear the PP talk about ‘completing the circle’ you think about the wedding minister in ‘Chuck and Larry’ and think that we will all become gay on July 27th (Oh crap… 20th anniversary of the attempted coup)

4. You are a woman who thinks that Keith’s bald head has more sex appeal than Patrick’s tired dimples

5. You are a man who thinks that Kamla will embarrass you on the dance floor with some flashy Bollywood moves

6. Yuh vex that Jack had to act as the menial PM of a third-world country and couldn’t go and rub shoulders with royalty at the World Cup final

7. You think that the COP is the best party that never won an election and never will

8. You think that 24 people who made a solemn oath to uphold the Constitution and voted for an active politician to chair the Police Service Commission don’t understand what should be the simplest part of their jobs

9. You worry that Jack can ‘ramajay’ with the best of them on a political platform and off-the-cuff remarks, but choke when answering questions/making statements in an official capacity (not football)

10. You think that a UNC/COP/NJAC/MSJ representative will be pliable and yielding to central government wishes, but the PNM ones will be more forceful to get things done – even if to show up the PP as bad as they were when in power.

10.5 You have nothing better to do on a Monday morning (like me in making up this list)



  1. Reason 8: Who is the active politician? Can’t be Nizam because he is not active and has not been for years.

    By the way, being active is different to being a registered member of a party, eh.

    • Defintely active… If you don a COP shirt and appear in talk shows representing the party’s (and the Partnership’s) views, you are an active politician. Just because he hasn’t actively campaigned for himself (his time has passed and now un-electable) does not, in keeping with your view, means that he isn’t. Whereas the PNM probably (or more likely) nominated people who were ‘closet’ PNM, there were no official record of them being overtly PNM. What the PP did was take someone who has political views, that he himself makes public, and endorsed him to be the chairman of a commission that is supposed to be free from political interference. We can argue the point that the PSC themselves are responsible for the sorry state of our police service, but our Constitution – weak as it may be – says that’s the way it is. By the way, I am all for constitution reform…

  2. He was campaigning? Thanks for the info… was unaware. Just knew he was out of the lime light.

    Still, I have some faith he can be impartial, at least more impartial than Christopher Thomas, past Chairman.

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