Posted by: nastylittletruths | July 10, 2010

Mad People…

What a crazy, crazy week this week was… If the thought ran through your mind that there was something in the water, or in the air, you wouldn’t be different from me. But the answer is usually much easier – it’s the office…

PM Kamla: As if our money is her money, she decided that she’ll give Jamaica $50 million of it. Uh, is this really true? Can any prime minister of this country unilaterally take money and disburse it as if it’s their private bank account? No Cabinet consensus, no Parliamentary oversight? Now I know why everyone wants the job! We get it… you love Jamaica… the music… you spent 14 years there… blah, blah, blah… but take some of your own money and help. This is no different than Patrick giving Lee Sing a radio licence.

Acting PM Jack: Making ‘PH taxis’ legal… Try and remember why there’s a process for getting a taxi badge and an ‘H’ car. There’s a certain amount of responsibility that these people hold and that’s why they are overseen by government bodies. Don’t tell me you are against crime but creating scenarios to endanger people’s safety. You want to put an RF chip on my number plate? You have got to be freaking mad… My movements in this country is none of your business and trying to cover it up with the notion of being able to track it if stolen is utter nonsense. Trying to take credit for a plan by the hated Colm Imbert is even more nonsense. I am assuming that the plate cannot be removed by the bandit that’s why it can do all these wonderful things…

Minister in the Ministry of National Security: Legislation galore. My lord, the criminals must be shaking in their expensive boots when they heard all that you are going to ‘write into law’. What next? Printing it and pasting it all over the country so they can read it and be afraid, very afraid? Like you, I was made to understand that the test of good legislation is its longevity, so make sure it stands up in a constitutional test. I am always wary when politicians who can’t fix their crime problem seek to rush draconian legislation that gives an incompetent and vindictive police force more power. Citizens, make sure you understand carefully what the parliament is asked to pass. Put yourself as an innocent person hated by one vindictive policeman and see what protection you have under the law. Do not allow any government to make it easy for this to happen. The same UNC fought against this in Opposition. It cannot be any more palatable now.

Minister of Health Baptiste-Cornelis: “Shut up!” (you ignorant fools! Can’t you see how important I am and you are mere peasants!) “I said I am sorry (in a sneering tone) isn’t that enough?” (even more sneering)

And last but not least… “Wipe your feet at the door and come in creeping on your belly” Kelvin Ramnath back on a political platform with the UNC. What next? Basdeo Panday? I feel like I’ve soiled my post by typing these two names…



  1. Skid marks in your post?

  2. Oh lord yes. The madman’s rant made for poor editing… :-)

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