Posted by: nastylittletruths | July 9, 2010

Where Is My Legislative Agenda?

I nearly had a fit when my beloved PM spoke about her thoughts on legislation requiring citizens to maintain their property frontage (cutting the grass and cleaning the drain) and having mandatory responsibility for it ‘like in the first-world countries’.

Now seriously, the clean and beautify plan was a good idea but I didn’t see much of a response from the populace. (Now, after the NAR came into power in December 1986, that was a clean-up campaign! Neighbours came together like never before… contractors loaned equipment free of charge… huge cookouts to feed the men working in the streets… and of course liquor flowing like water. It was a true cleansing after 30 years of PNM! Apparently 7 1/2 years wasn’t enough…). But what, pray tell, do we have similar to a first world country?

I have no problem in maintaining my frontage – all I have to do is sweep the pavement and take the silt out of the slipper drain if it builds up too much, but if anyone drives up and park on it I want to issue tickets too! And what about my old mother who has a no concrete lined drain – much less a pavement – and the roads edge that have dirt and grass? What about the litter-bugs who indiscriminately throw their KFC boxes and plastic bottles into the drain as if it’s a garbage receptacle? What about the business place downstream who covered the entire front of his place in suspect construction that water no longer flows but backs up into people’s yard and under their houses when rain falls?

As usual we have ‘laws’ for all these things, but no one enforces it… So what’s the solution? Write some more! Just a gentle reminder – I need to see on this 10th Republican Parliament legislative agenda two bills – one setting fixed dates for general elections and the other setting fixed terms to serve a prime minister. This is why you got my vote – not for cleaning drains and cutting grass.


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