Posted by: nastylittletruths | July 8, 2010

Where Is Your MP?

I wrote a post some weeks back about what an MP (member of parliament) means to me, and in the meantime, every single elected one on the side of the government ‘have a wuk’ and not taking care of the people’s business. I voted for a new MP from the People’s Partnership since May 24th and I haven’t seen him since! I had a number for his constituency office and when I call they didn’t even know, a month after the elections, when he will be meeting constituents. Last week the number got disconnected… After driving to the office to ask the same question, the answer was still negative. To compound matters, he is out of the country on government business.

I was right then, I am right now… Not one man or woman who ever fought an election to sit in parliament has any further interest in the people than the vote required to propel them there. In this last one the shine has come off so quickly it spins your head. These elected (and unelected) officials are so wrapped up in their euphoric state more than a month after being in office they don’t understand that this country has moved on already. The general elections are over, I predict that the PNM will wipe the floor with the PP in the local elections and then they’ll be asking themselves what happened…

Getting people out to vote in a local government elections is a huge challenge. The excitement and drama of a general elections is very absent and so is the glue that sticks the fanatics and the fence-sitters into a collective purpose. It just isn’t there so how can the PP think that they can still ride a wave into victory? There are already rumblings about the high-handed manner and under-handed deals that go into the selection process so we have the circus of UNC members going up as ‘Independents’.

In the meantime, there is a ‘new’ PNM behaving as if the last political leader and prime minister never existed and they are all lily-white and have all the answers. But that is irrelevant when one considers that after 2 1/2 years of Patrick pressure only 5% of the PNM voters stayed home. (Believe me, they did not vote for anyone else). So with the shine gone from the new government and a new line up, who do you think will be heading to the polls? Kams have to wake up quick while she is smelling some Jamaican coffee…


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