Posted by: nastylittletruths | June 29, 2010

Fiddling While We Burn

Martin George, in his Guardian column last Sunday, used the exact same description I used with my colleagues to describe this manufactured situation concerning the appointment of a Police Commissioner. We are, like Nero, fiddling while Rome burns…

What is wrong with our thinking that skill, aptitude and competence become practically irrelevant and being a ‘local’ is more important? A very small minority of people is making quite a lot of noise, including the Minister of National Security, about the ill-effects of a ‘foreign’ Police Commissioner and I am trying very hard to understand their line of logic. So, how is it demoralising  to a constable that a foreigner gets the top job? Is it preferable for this constable to sit on his hands, knowing he has a shot at being the CoP since he is a local ‘bwoi’ or galvanise him into action when it clearly understood that the best man (or woman) gets the job through merit and not nationality? I don’t get it…

So let’s get down and dirty into this… Are we overtly xenophobic so we can mask something even worse? If a black American had gotten the top nomination, would it have been more ‘palatable’? Do we hear ‘Canadian’ and think Calder Hart and all that it connotes? Can we not separate one man from an entire nation? (Although in some way I blame the Canadian authorities for not in some visible way trying to help us with this particular matter). Are we selective xenophobes in that we can like Chinese, Grenadians and Vincentians but hate North Americans, Europeans and Guyanese?

It’s very easy (everyone knows that I’m a simplistic guy)… We’ve had no major success with the traditional ‘promotion by seniority’ in this organisation, so let’s choose one on merit. And if he can’t achieve any of his pre-set objectives, you fire his tail. How difficult is that? Oh, I’m sorry… we have to go to Parliament and find a way to choose a CoP… spend some millions on the process and then toss it in the bin because you don’t like the answer… (Do like a good Attorney General nah, pay someone, or a few people, for the answer you want to hear).

As of this morning (Tuesday) I see that some sense may prevail and the second Canadian on the list may be approved by Parliament this Friday. Progress, any progress on this will be met with relief by the general populace. To the noisemakers – come better next time with good and proper reasons instead of ‘ah doh tink ah go like tuh see a foreigner as CoP…’


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