Posted by: nastylittletruths | June 28, 2010

The Continuing Saga of Police Stupidity

Please… let us continue to coddle the police and say stupid things like: ‘need to give them the tools to their jobs’, there are very good policemen and women in the service’, blah, blah, blah… The fact is that as a unit they are the most lazy and idiotic in the entire country, and of prime importance, they do not understand what their job roles and responsibilities are… (Do you think we need an HR professional instead of a military man to oversee the Police Service?)

Take a read of this Express article and see what jumps out at you:

Here are the police acknowledging that theft is taking place at the Guanapo church (what tipped them off?) and yet making a decision that it’s not worth the effort to stop it since getting a conviction will be difficult. Bravo… licence to thief now… When will the police de-politicise themselves and understand that their role is to act and the other arms of the justice system is to decide on process, guilt or innocence? They’ve been sitting on their rear so long with their hands firmly placed between that and the seat waiting on some concept of a political ‘master, to give them instructions, they’ve lost sight of what their watchwords are supposed to be.

How many time have you had cause to call or visit a police station asking for help and the officer decided on his own if he was going to help you or not? That, at the core, is what is wrong with the police service – and you got it free without paying local and foreign ‘experts’ for their advice… Sounds too simplistic? Well you can always pay big money and get voluminous reports.

Lord, help us…


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