Posted by: nastylittletruths | June 21, 2010

What $1000 Ticket?

Did everyone see a copy of the revised traffic rules in force? Now there are some funny ones that I’ll get to, but I can’t figure out why no seems to care anymore… Yes, Trinis are more in love with their wallet than anything else, but who is going to catch them? The same lazy-ass police? Can’t be…

I’ll attach a scan of what I got below (fully stamped by the Senior Superintendent of the Highway Patrol Branch no less), but here’s the source of my humour and distress:

Regulation 38 (5) (1) – Failing to keep left…

To all the idiots out there who just love to roll merrily along on the right lane at 80 km/h without a care in the world – if by some ‘miracle’ a policeman gets rather annoyed with you and give you a $1,000 ticket won’t you be shocked out of your stupidity. “Buh officer, I was driving the speed limit!!!” Yeah… we needed this regulation to take care of you, but I don’t think that you are aware of the fine involved and the police are not ticketing enough people, if at all (typical…).

I’ve always been distressed about these drivers who don’t know how to keep left, but last night I came across the jackass of a passenger in the left seat being driven by his equal… Yes, they weren’t in the extreme right lane,  but in the middle of a three-lane highway and there was another idiot driving at the same speed as them in the right. I had no choice but to overtake on the left (see next paragraph) and in the microsecond before I drew parallel, a bottle came whizzing out of the left front passenger side. Now that is a jackass… He’s not driving and obviously did not look to see if anyone was coming (I am assuming that he thought they were in the left lane?) and littering too? With a bottle from the middle lane? Jeez…

And that brings me to this:

Regulation 38 (5) (3) – Improper Overtaking (Left),  Regulation 38 (5) (4) – Obstructing Overtaking Vehicle, Regulation 38 (5) (6) – Overtaking Traffic at a Dangerous Place.

The above beg many questions: Could I have been fined for improper overtaking? Which comes first, failing to keep left or obstructing an overtaking vehicle? Was I overtaking in a dangerous place seeing that I was obstructing the passenger from going about his littering act? Who cares that all of the above is a $1,000 fine? And talking about improper overtaking on the left, does that include the daily ritual by hundreds of drivers on the shoulders of the nation’s highways? My word, in the short run, the police can pay salaries and maintain their vehicles with the amount of money they can get!

Have some fun reading the rest…

Reversing an unreasonable distance – what is ‘unreasonable’? Noisy vehicle – eh? Playing musical/noisy instrument in vehicle – does this cover the boom boxes? Importuning passengers – what the heck is importuning? Goods vehicle carrying excess weight – do we have weigh stations?

Laugh all you want, but a Motor Cyclist No Hands is $750 (I know what it means eh, but English boy)… And Stand for Hire (hahahahaha) – another $750…

Please distribute widely – we need to help everyone out there…


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