Posted by: nastylittletruths | June 17, 2010

Cabinet Shockers

** This post was started the day after the mass swearing-in of the new Cabinet, and as most things in this life, I had moved on to something else… With a two-week period made available to observe and then observe some more, I am in a better position to finish it **

Biggest one – Fazal Karim… Where in the world did KPB resurrect him from? He used to be the UNC’s General Secretary, before being unseated by Glen Ramadharsingh, and at one time thought to be the man who held all of Bas and Oma’s secrets. Conspiracy theories… and perceptions of in the internal elections…

After they called out the 25th name ah started to sweat. What the…? If practically all the MPs are appointed, who are going to manage the constituencies? 28 MPs (including KPB) have portfolios. The only one missing is Fuad Khan and he got the Deputy Speaker’s position. I think all my readers know my position on MPs being Ministers, so no need to repeat that here.

So let’s see who have disappeared since being sworn in: Rudrawatee Nan Ramgoolam, Volney, (I see Ramadharsingh always hovering or present in some meeting, but has he spoken as yet?),  Minimal exposure: John Sandy (who apparently likes pushing the strong, silent persona), Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan (looking for the little oil and gas we have left?), Emmanuel George (just that broken line in Scott Street), Mary King (should I have put her in the first group?) Rupert Griffith (obviously a bad fit – should have been Education), Nizam Baksh (I saw him planting a tree), Prakash Ramadhar (always riding with Inshan Ishmael), Errol McLeod (saw him last night for the first time), Suruj Rambachan (proabably on a diet), Vernella Toppin and Gypsy… I’ll disregard the Ministers of State who I consider as only “getting a wuk” for lord knows what reason.

But the best of the lot are the highly visible ones! First on the list is Therese “Motor-Mouth” Baptiste-Cornelis. Wow, she is really Andre’s sister, boy… Non-stop prattle… Too much management speak. I’ll give her the best management lesson in the world in a future post. Very enlightening. Jack “Is a Code of Ethics Law?” Warner… How can I express – again! – the hypocrisy of MPs yearning for a ministerial position yet talk about serving the people? When will we ever understand the difference between legislature and executive? When will we ever separate the two?

But the best I saw as an MP (and I sincerely hope it remains this way) was Stephen Cadiz. While everyone else was riding in the back of a truck and waving at their constituents (see you in 5 years suckers), Stephen was walking the ground shaking hands and thanking people who voted for him – and when I saw him in Enterprise, people who quite likely didn’t! (Now I don’t know what everyone did as I am not all over Trinidad, so if there were any others like Cadiz I apologise and say kudos to you too).

Aaah, it’s going to be another exciting period of governance. Never a dull day in TnT I tell you… Can’t wait to see Parliament back in action again!


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