Posted by: nastylittletruths | June 17, 2010

An Opening Prayer

As Parliament is convening tomorrow I remembered the brouhaha when Reverend Cyril Paul had done the opening prayer back in September 2003. I searched high and low to see if I can get a copy of the words, but it looks like I may have to buy his book to get it… A true gentleman – I did always look forward to meeting with him as all of my children went to Presbyterian schools.

I did, however, find a part quoted in a Guardian interview so if anyone out there has a full copy I will most appreciate it. And I hope that whoever is doing the opening prayer tomorrow (lord I hope it’s not that character who did the one for KPB’s swearing-in ceremony – he was totally out of his depth) will include some of Reverend Paul’s words.

“Loving and merciful Father, we pray for Your forgiveness when through our speech, attitude and actions we fail to acknowledge Your presence and we bring dishonor and disrepute to the good name of the Parliament. “We ask Your forgiveness for the times when, in our desire to score points, we make statements and say things which we know are not true and responsible.”


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