Posted by: nastylittletruths | May 31, 2010

Still In Denial

I had the misfortune to buy into the lead story in Sunday’s Guardian by Anika Gumbs-Sandiford and felt robbed of my $3. That story was not worth the ink used to print it and a colossal waste of newsprint. I’ve always said that Guardian Media Limited is a PIP (party in power) supporter, but this reporter and her editor fell for a story that was concocted by the PNM to take credit for a win that was really a comprehensive cut-tail by the PP in all forms and fashion…

From the original Patos himself, to Conrad Enill to Jerry Narace on election night – we didn’t expect to lose – to Colm Imbert quoted also in Sunday’s Guardian that “the PP didn’t win, but the PNM lost”, catch allyuh fallin’ self… As any self-respecting survivor from alcoholism will tell you, if cannot admit you have a problem, you cannot solve it… So let me help you out a bit here.

Richard Tedlow (a Harvard Professor) wrote a book called, “Denial: Why Business Leaders Fail To Look Facts In The Face, And What To Do About It”. Now it was written with business in mind, but the lessons are universal:

“Denial is the unconscious determination that a certain reality is too terrible to contemplate, so therefore it cannot be true. (Sounds familiar?) We see it everywhere, from the alcoholic who swears he’s just a social drinker to the president who declares “mission accomplished” when it isn’t. 

Harvard Business School professor Richard S. Tedlow tackles two essential questions: Why do sane, smart leaders often refuse to accept the facts that threaten their companies and careers? And how do we find the courage to resist denial when facing new threats?

Tedlow looks at numerous examples of organiza­tions crippled by denial, and identifies the leadership skills that are essential to spotting the early signs of denial and taking the actions required to overcome it.

(Andy Grove: The Life and Times of an American Business Icon) asserts that “denial goes hand-in-hand with short-term thinking,” a problem that arises when a business “that once might have focused on getting the job done now is concerned with getting done with the job.” Great companies were sunk by executives who “celebrated the statistics they liked.” (but the polls said we were winning!)

Tedlow also surveys the “edifice complex,” in which struggling but respected companies erect monuments to themselves (like the Sears Tower) rather than tackling real challenges (Uh, no comment…) and discusses ways to overcome the denial inherent to human nature as well as the institutional variety, cautioning against “yes” men, the vocabulary of euphemisms, and trash-talking the competition. (Does the platform talk ring a bell?)

So, spin it how you want, you lost because you were rejected by the electorate in favour of another party. And that is how the fat lady sings it at the end…



  1. This was my comment on the Guardian’s website about that article:

    This is one of the DUMBEST articles I’ve ever seen in a T&T newspaper. Wow, the reporter and Editor in Chief should resign for this one. To think that the Guardian has to stoop so low to conspiracy theories to sell its newspaper – it just shows that this newspaper is starting to look like a familiar trash tabloid – the National Enquirer.

    Everyone knows that members of PNM are not strategically minded enough to hatch some sort of mission impossible – double spy thing to get rid of Manning. Listen; as boring as its sounds. The people of T&T voted against the PNM because they were fed up with Manning. Its not as an exciting story as the “plot” which was recorded in this article but they are the facts…. plain, vanilla, boring but true. Stop trying to create excitement Anika Gumbs-Sandiford. If you want entertainment I suggest you watch a couple of episodes of 24.

    Trini in Norwalk,CT

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