Posted by: nastylittletruths | May 28, 2010

Rebuilding The PNM

Aaah, political patronage… don’t you love it? The hand that used to dispense it no longer has the power, so what happens? Those who used to feed with such ‘love’ can’t wait to sink their teeth into the now weak flesh… The Emperor Patrick is no more and is now fodder for the those who used to admire his new clothes. I am a compassionate and empathic human being and felt some sympathy, but I dragged my memory back to April 2009 and the smug nods while he walked into the Summit of the Americas opening ceremony and it was over. Who could have thought, much less Manning, that a mere 13 months was all he had left to think that he was invincible? So many lessons to learn!

And so Dr. Rowley, by acclamation of the PNM faithful, will inherit the ‘great’ PNM party. But what of the structure that disallows the popular vote and elects an executive, including the political leader, by delegates? Make no mistake about it – while Rowley may be the natural successor, those on his hit list will try their very best to see that not happening. Colm Imbert? Really? That’s laughable… Amery Browne? Who? But the PP would love to turn Colm’s words for him. With he at the helm, they will be in power forever.

So we wait for June 27th and it will be some fun to see the jockeying for position over the next four weeks. Just like some of the marvelous and amazing turnabout of members of the now ruling party, I am sure we will see some that will dazzle us with its execution and style…

p.s. – I can’t for the life of me understand how senior politicians and reporters could talk so much tata in one go. Patrick resigned and we hear that Rowley is ‘interim Opposition leader’. What is that? Have the majority of MPs written to the President already supporting him? And we don’t have any ‘interim’ in that post – you either are or not. Did they not mean interim political leader until the special convention?


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