Posted by: nastylittletruths | May 26, 2010

Sowing The Seeds

I am eternally grateful for the teachers I had at an early age who made one of the ‘complex’ machinations of human nature and psyche very simple for me. The lesson started with a fear of the dark (which child doesn’t) and I was made to understand that the fear was rational because I couldn’t see what was there. Human nature is such that we fear what we do not know and we hate what we fear… So simple, so difficult for those who have no wish to know.

And because I was lucky to learn this lesson very early in life, I was first stunned, then sad and eventually outraged after seeing a clip on TV of a young girl crying and very emotionally upset at the loss of the PNM in Monday’s elections. She was crying that she had no future – that “they” were going to take away GATE and MUST and HYPE and the world for her had ended. (There was another older woman who was also traumatised and in tears, but no rational reason given except that she just couldn’t take it).

So the PNM campaign was based on whipping fear into the hearts of their loyalists (was their message for any on the other side or the undecideds?) and this is what has been sown. This poor child, without taking the time to listen to what the PP had said continually about not interfering with programmes like GATE, believed in her heart that it all came to a crashing end on the evening of May 24th. Do you think the heartless Patrick, national campaign manager Conrad and other speakers on the national platform cared about what they were doing to people? But, that’s how you win elections…

Child, I hope that you have re-entered a state of calm. If your education is a top priority for you, I strongly suggest that you get a copy of the PP’s manifesto, read what they have planned and then strongly criticise if they renege on their promises (I’ll be right there to help you). Do not let the fear of what was said on a political platform – the attempt to keep you in ‘darkness’ – result in irrational hatred for what you do not know.

I am truly sad that you were so traumatised as I believe that others were too. The loss of an election did not do this to you, it was the unfeeling politicians who crafted a message to win an election but didn’t consider the consequences.



  1. I can’t see what the big loss would be if she is incapable of thinking for herself…

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