Posted by: nastylittletruths | May 25, 2010

Election Musings +1

All roads led to Rienzi last night. Tried Camden, cars for miles… tried through Exchange, pressure… tried meeting up with my music truck coming down the Southern Main Road and it was bumper to bumper from Deonarine Junction, McBean. At the end the police (in very large numbers) just let all the cars and trucks just come to a grinding halt on the main road and let the people have their fun. I was not at Aranjuez on Saturday, but many swore that this crowd in the middle of the night/early morning was larger!

* Update: Thanks to Jay I got a picture at Rienzi taken out at 1:00 a.m. the morning of May 25th. He said, look at the mix of the crowd…

But this post is to congratulate the People’s Partnership on a well-deserved victory. The official numbers are not in yet, but the predictions were true – there are only a few safe seats for the PNM in Trinidad – the Laventilles and the Diego Martins being the last standing. (Is there any difference between these now? What else can the PNM do to make them see the light?) And last, but not least, to assure one of the talking heads on TV last night – just because I supported and voted this party into government does not mean I will not criticise them. On the contrary, I will be a more vocal critic because I voted for them!

So here’s some of the promises/statements I look forward to (I’ll leave the 120 day plan out for the time being – that’s the ‘honeymoon’ period, if you can call it that…):

1. None shall escape. We firmly believe that there was corruption and we want our money back. We also want the guilty ones found and made accountable.

2. Fixed election dates. No more back pockets and no more snap elections.

3. Fixed terms of office for Prime Ministers or Presidents.

4. Constitution reform for all of the above including right of recall and referenda on important issues.

I won’t depress you with any more. You deserve to enjoy your win. I take Jack Warner’s words to heart – I am here to work with you to achieve our development goals, I am not here to see what I can get. In Lennox Grant’s words – there is no greater force in local politics than the PNM in opposition and we are going to get that… My objectivity, however, should never be called into question.

We won!!!!!!!!



  1. Here here! Ditto!

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