Posted by: nastylittletruths | May 21, 2010

Election Musings -3

Back in town (can’t miss my chance to vote) a few days now and had nothing to say… Just too much to-ing and fro-ing between opponents that will fritter away into nothing by the time I log on to write! The only earth-shattering event was Rowley’s first meeting when he straddled the fence so hard he could have castrated himself, but as I didn’t finish that post it became stale news in two days…

What I have done, however, is download both contenders’ manifestos and tried reading it. Let me repeat that – tried reading it. So many words to plod through and I was a bit biased. To me they were only words that I could not believe in and meant only for show. To what extent the People’s Partnership can extract something tangible from theirs if/when they form the government remains to be seen. The PNM is infamous for not meeting their promises. But you gotta admit, they were both slick productions… One wonders about people who read less than me, what their reactions will be. Oh, yes – as if it’s a holy book of some sorts that it could not/should not be defiled by ripping it apart.

For me, a planner, once any government can’t get their act together with regard to our present Town and Country Act, or development guidelines, we are doomed to be a third-world country forever. The PNM could crow about rapid pace of development how many times they want, but Trinidad is not Port of Spain! (Read my tag line again). What is the sense of tall buildings in the city but the rest of the country has to put up with narrow roads and ‘square’ corners. They just don’t get it. Only John Humphrey did, but he was labelled a mad man.

The PNM can also crow about building houses, but they haven’t built one community. A community is not only people, but facilities and amenities for those people. A housing ‘project’ without allowance for a town center – the place where all businesses and government area offices can be located is a slum in waiting. Once everyone starts to open a parlour and fix cars on the streets, it’s all over. The governments of the PNM, UNC and NAR all missed the boat, or they just don’t care.

So, on Monday I will go and vote for the PP as everyone knows that I am a COP supporter since 2007. I cannot vote for the PNM and no one who has told me that they are going to do so can answer my very simple question. If Patrick couldn’t run this country with an 11-seat majority, what can he do, God forbid, if he wins with a lesser one? The PP is going to take back at least five seats lost due to the split vote so the most he will can get is a 1-seat majority unless he bold-facedly tries to steal it. No PNM supporter can answer that one because then they begin to question why are they in an election in the first place…

Do your civic duty on Monday. Vote for whoever you wish – that’s your democratic right (even though I want you to follow my lead) – and whatever happens at the end of the day, we all have to live here together. In Hillary Clinton’s famous words (adapted) when she became a New York Senator, today we are PNM, UNC, COP, etc., but tomorrow we are all Trinidadians and Tobagonians…


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