Posted by: nastylittletruths | May 14, 2010

On A Break

Taking a rest from the elections (and this blog) for over a week now, but in my daily updates of what’s going on in TnT I saw a poster on the online Guardian label me as ‘subjective’. Crap… and I thought I was an objective thinking guy! Just goes to show that I know nothing…

Until next week – I can’t take the ranting and raving on the platforms – I wish I could just vote today and get it over with!



  1. would be interested in learning more about Calder Hart. I knew him in 1999. Thought he was sleazy then. I have just googled his name and found your info among others. I live in the USA, Connecticut.
    Was I surprised to hear about him. He tld me he was the Chairman of the Central Bank of Trinidad.

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