Posted by: nastylittletruths | April 27, 2010

Doing A “Windies”

For many disappointed fans, the West Indian Cricket Team has what they call a propensity to ‘grasp defeat from the jaws of victory’ by engaging in some bizarre play that defies logic. As someone who has all intentions of placing my mark against the rising sun on May 24th, I cannot comprehend what is going on with this seats and candidates issue…

First off, the UNC has 15 seats that will take a miracle to lose. They can win five more based on traditional voting, no split votes and no voter-padding: Barataria/San Juan, Chaguanas East, Pointe-a-Pierre, Moruga/Tableland and St. Joseph. That takes them to 20 seats, but not a win. (The basis of my argument in 2007 that there is such a thing as a whole being greater than the sum its two parts…).

So if you have 20 and you need at least one more to take government, wouldn’t you put a very strong candidate in the most likely target? I would… but I am not a political strategist. My whole line of questioning, therefore, is why Winston for Tunapuna – a likely target – and Prakash for St. Augustine. Why couldn’t Prakash get Caroni Central and Winston Chaguanas East? Why give Pointe-a-Pierre to MSJ and risk alienating some people. What does the UNC screening committee know that we don’t? I guess I’ll have to wait till Sunday to see the whole team finalised.

And just in case (hardly likely) we forget about the dirty tricksters – the PNM, ably led by Manning, is planning to steal the elections. That’s the only hope he has of winning… Even if he fools the 300,000 again, he knows that it will not be enough unless they are moved out of traditional strongholds and sent to bolster up the marginals. And to the non-naive playing naive Jerlean John (an admired professional), in pre 1986 days when the Housing Task Force was headed by Mr. Pantin – constituency was the key criteria for projects – that’s a stated and documented fact. It hasn’t changed…



  1. OK help me here… You’ve lost me on you last sentence.

    Norwalk, CT

  2. Jerlean John is the Managing Director of the Housing Development Corporation (a state company) and she was quoted recently that the increased activity in giving out houses had no relation to the upcoming elections.
    She is a professional and capable woman, but that statement was an obvious untruth. Housing under the PNM has always been about shifting votes from traditional strongholds to constituencies that needed the ‘extra push’ to be PNM.
    Pantin, who headed the government’s housing task force up to 1986 when the PNM was routed at the polls, had publicly declared that all of his recommendations for projects were always viewed by the politicians in that context – will it be beneficial to the party in an elections…

  3. Thanks for the extended explanation. I appreciate it.

    Norwalk, CT

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