Posted by: nastylittletruths | April 20, 2010

Platform Of The Impossible

The inconsistency coming out of the mouths of the PNM screening committee – or more accurately, the chairman of said committee – makes for interesting reading. If they don’t want you, there is some ‘valid’ reason for not getting the nomination. If they hate you with a passion and wish you could drop dead, but realise that they can’t not nominate you, there’s a ‘valid’ reason for that too…

But the most interesting part of this whole PNM campaign is trying to figure out what Keith Rowley’s platform is going to be about. Now here’s a man who has taken the brunt of a Patrick led attack and was not too shy about fighting back either. He made his case about UdeCoTT and Calder Hart and won the battle of public opinion while the rest of the government lost. He said that he was exonerated by the findings of the Uff Commission while his PNM colleagues in government continue raising the prospects of ‘more ting’ in Cleaver Heights.

So what, pray tell, is Dr. Keith Christopher Rowley going to ask his electorate for over the next 33 days? Are we going to hear about good governance in the future but forget about the past? Is he going to ask Diego Martin West to support him and a party that could not reign in their political leader, or is he going to ask the nation to support Patrick Manning as the next prime minister of TnT? All difficult questions, but that’s only one side of the story.

What if, however, he asks for an opportunity to fix the PNM or the government from the inside? (Does anyone still believe that  Keith will ever see inside of Cabinet again? If you do, you are certainly fooling yourself). And if given the chance to lead the party, does he want us to believe that it won’t have ‘kuchoor’ and ‘bachannal’ just like the UNC? Bodies will have to fall for change to take place there, but remember my last post about the power of MPs. And after all the ole talk about coalition governments, how does he answer that a 54 year old party, in government for 43 years, could not last their term with a 9 seat majority?

I agree with Patrick – this is political education for the people. He has created the ultimate rock and a hard place for the thorn that has been in his side since 1996. Keith was screwed as soon as the PM called elections. Maybe he thought it through, maybe he didn’t, but the fact is, all the actions of the government he fought against is now indefensible on a political platform. So what is Keith fighting for? A seat in parliament for five years, or specifically an opposition seat so  the journey that began in 1996 finally comes to a fitting end?


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