Posted by: nastylittletruths | April 19, 2010

Patrick’s Pliable Women

Before I get stick for being anti-feminist, allow me my disclaimer: I have a mother that is still very much alive, sisters, a wife (only one!), a daughter and many female friends and colleagues. I do not think that women should, in any way, be held in lower esteem than men (sometimes the opposite when I see the actions of some men) and consider them as equals in any profession. When it comes to strength in raising and keeping a family together, or a community together, then they surpass men.

And all of the above said so that my following comments will be taken in context. If you read my posts carefully – even two years ago when I first wrote about KPB, you will notice that I have a healthy distaste for women who yield quickly to the power of an alpha male in the pack. Yes, there are a ton load of psychology books that analyse such behaviour and I can agree with some when the facts are historic, but to quote a famous advertisement, ‘you’ve come a long way’ since then. And going further, I really dislike the ones who pretend to be strong independent women but in reality are willing to be used as pawns by the first one who comes along and promises the moon and the stars.

So tell me, if you can project into the future based on the data at hand, how long do you think it will be before Patrick gets a full slate of women (in winnable seats) for an election? And there’s nothing wrong with that, but seriously, how many of them do you see challenging him on anything? Do you see any Bridgids, Pennys, Camilles, or Eudines anywhere in there, or women who will faster swoon at the dimpled smile rather than say no?

Am I being too harsh? I don’t think so. You see, I know how parliament works, and so does Patos. Once elected as an MP (and depends on whom you owe your allegiance) you are a potent force. You can bring down a government, you can change the constitution, you can prop a dictator… Do the math – at 26 seats (the PNM now admits they cannot win that amount again) – the PM was afraid of a non-confidence motion. Imagine going down to 23 (yeah, right) and you have three angry MPs like Beckles, Roberts and Rowley? Would you not rather a host of non-confrontational, adoring women?

Sorry ladies, but I can’t give you my vote. I think that we have gone past the stage of crapaud in a PNM tie, so the 21st century version of one in a skirt is no different. The stakes are bigger though. And the surest sign that my theory is right? Because you are a coward who cannot attack Kamla on the issues, but using women (anybody say Christine who also happens to be of the same ethnic extraction?) to do that on the platform. Be a man. Do it yourself  and show that you can carry the battle to a woman who is an equal and not less than you. Oh crap, look who I’m talking to… we are all  less than you…

Before I close though – who else but the PNM and the prime minister can close off a major road for nearly 10 hours to hold a public meeting? Imagine diverting traffic off Chin Chin Road into a narrow back trace that can barely hold two cars so that you can set up a tent and hold your rally last Saturday. The sheer arrogance of such action… But then again, you know that people in central won’t vote PNM anyway, so who cares if they are inconvenienced? Bussing in supporters is just fooling yourself…


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