Posted by: nastylittletruths | April 6, 2010

Above The Law

One of the easiest way to tell that a politician is blowing hot air (out of you know where) is when they talk about no one being above the law. In our recent history, however, it seems as if some people are not only above the law, they are the law.

How then can one interpret why the PM and his erstwhile AG are not yet in jail? The first for tipping off a bandit to flee as the police were about to close in and the second for knowing (his words, not mine) that he knows where said bandit is, but cannot divulge the information on a “private citizen”. Now I’m no lawyer but the first sounds like aiding and abetting and the second harbouring…

But the antics are in the semantics. Five hundred and twelve pages in the Uff report, but all I am hearing on the news is Cleaver Heights. What about the Tarouba Stadium? Not $10 million, but tens of millions in advance payments for mobilisation and materials without justification. Hafeez bribed his way into hell (I am sure he thought that 40 virgins were awaiting him in the other place) and his son is still on the road to kill a few more po’ people… That’s justice for the rich and favoured!

Let me remind my regular readers, and point it to the new ones, of a previous post I made on the effects of big boy crime on criminality and eventual anarchy:

Fitting too seeing that the genesis of the above post was a similar no-confidence motion against the PM and this time “permission” is being sought for the hordes of Woodford…


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