Posted by: nastylittletruths | March 31, 2010

Early Morning Hustle

You gotta hand it to the 25-seater max-taxi this morning for an innovative way of continuing the hustle – traffic light, or no traffic light.

I went for doubles by Ali’s on Fifth Street Barataria this morning so I had to ‘make the block’ to get back to EMR Laventille, that is, turn in by 10th Avenue Gas Station, go around the Maritime roundabout and head to the PBR and wait to cross.

First off, Mr. Maxi Man couldn’t wait his turn on the roundabout (probably didn’t want to burn any brakes coming down the overpass) so he ‘rushed’ through. No worries, I’m accustomed to that drive… But the line of traffic waiting to cross the PBR had already reached to the end of Toyota’s compound bounding with Maritime Plaza – do you think that stopped the driver? Hell no, he just overtook the line and then merged into the PBR while their lights were still green!

Now this is downright dangerous as it’s not some minor road merging onto traffic, but the PBR where drivers are notorious for the speeds they clock there. So, driver of HCP 2341, I hope that the pending installment for your new ride today didn’t make you drive like an idiot this morning (and before 6:00 am too!), but the prize goes to you without a doubt.


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