Posted by: nastylittletruths | March 30, 2010

Looking For A Seerwoman

Well I’ll be… After all my predictions of late it looks as if I need a ‘seerwoman’ myself! Patrick ready to call a general election? I would have never considered it, much less to call it. I mean, as far as I’m concerned, a week is a lifetime in politics and Patos has nearly three years for the opposition parties to implode as they usually do.

If it does come to pass then it means that the Uff report is so explosive, he will dissolve parliament to avoid laying it open to the public. Not that he’s bound to make the contents available in the first place, but it will certainly buy him time. And if, God forbid, they get a fresh mandate from the 300,000, it means that it all came to naught…

So here’s my two cents for KPB and Winston – especially Winston who’s the leader of the party I supported in the last GE. Don’t even think about it – just acknowledge publicly that you will support KPB as the next PM should a GE be called. I firmly believed that you should have resigned from the leadership of the party when you lost the St. Augustine seat and this position has been recorded here over two years ago. You have an immense contribution to make to this country and I will like nothing more than to see you back as Minister of Planning. This country owes you a great debt in mapping our path when you were there from 1986 to 1991, but unfortunately it has been mostly forgotten.

That being said – and still without a seerwoman to advise and counsel – I’m still stunned… I see Keith is on the warpath about his future as an MP and I can’t say I don’t understand his position, but can you imagine the dead wood like Bas and Kelvin in the UNC? I doubt even Bas saw that his tenure as an MP could have finished so fast after January 24th (unless Patos gave him a call).  He probably needs a seerwoman too!


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