Posted by: nastylittletruths | March 24, 2010

Lesson Of The Day

After the historic passing of the US Health Care Reform Bill during the day (Sunday March 21st), it was not until midnight that President Obama broke out the champagne for his aides. (I think everyone knows it was a hard fought battle. It may still be since 14 states have already filed suit against it).

His senior advisor, David Axelrod, is quoted as repeating what his president said that night, “Elections just give you a chance to do things… This is the real thing“.

When you hear things like this in the political arena, the difference between first world leadership and wannabe dictators becomes glaring. Ask the PNM and Patrick Manning what have they done for us since December 2001 and they will talk about pittances as opposed to what we have known they wasted. No conscience the lot of them… They wasted another windfall and they will cling to the ‘greatness’ of their party, their leader and self and that should be enough for us.

But pay heed to the election talk earlier this week. Just as ‘religious persecution’ was used as a cover-up for the Guanapo church, ‘drug lords and drug money has bought the media’ to wage war on our beloved prime minister because he is not corrupt is another distraction. You really can fool some of the people all the time, eh Patos?

So what ‘things’ does an election affords Patrick and the PNM? Your guesses will be as good as mine – nepotism, corruption, greed, wastage and, most importantly, access to state resources and machinery to perpetually win elections. See how EBC has started to gently remind the beneficiaries of state housing to change their address for voting purposes?



  1. Some people hope to leave a legacy…. Others just hope to bank de money!!!

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