Posted by: nastylittletruths | March 22, 2010

A Lesson In Conservation

To the current MP for Chaguanas East, and one who will need some serious PNM padding if he’s to be more than a one-term MP, you need to understand some basics of conservation. (This is my old hometown MP, but still my family’s.  I can’t vote for him –  not that I will vote for him and the PNM – but Enterprise votes won’t be enough to save him… no matter how many miles of pavement he builds…).

I was listening to the MP, who is the public utilities minister, speaking on his achievements regarding streetlighting during a debate on March 12th and I had to wonder where had the common sense gone… Imagine on one hand speaking about conserving water, but yet on the other not an iota of concern about wasting energy on lights throughout the country. And yes, they are a waste of energy, no matter how ‘pretty’ it looks and no matter how much you think that it protects us from the criminals. Damn stupidness about fighting crime with street lights…

First off, the water that exists in this planet has been used and re-used for millenia through evaporation and condensation. There are scientists who will tell you that the same water that existed millions of years ago still exist today, but whether you burn that litre of gasoline in your car or that million cubic foot of gas to generate electricity, it’s gone forever. Now all these lights that burn during the night , and some during the day because the photo-cells are not working, burn energy that cannot be replaced, nor will be available to do something else. In other words, wasted for all eternity.

If you grasp the concept, think about which generation in the future – no matter how distant – will not have that energy to either heat his home, preserve his food or cook a meal. Gone, Mustapha, gone… Now, the best part of your contribution was that you are taking the credit for installing lights (saying the citizens wanted it) but we are paying for it! The energy costs to wastefully light up this country are being paid by us as surcharges and extras on our residential power bill. Bandits…

And let’s talk abut the genesis of this ‘lighting up’ thing – crime. If you can’t fix that, nothing else will work the way it should. Perfect example – if you spend TT$20b to build a rapid rail system and commuters are robbed everyday while using it, do you think that they will give up their cars and use the train? That’s the reason for so many cars on the road – not because we are rich and like thing (well, some of us…) but because we don’t have a safe and efficient transport service. I’ve said this so many times over the last 20 odd years, I am starting to bore myself…


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