Posted by: nastylittletruths | March 19, 2010

Most Despised Politician

Anytime I am in my car driving around in Trinidad, I realise how much you can really hate and despise some politicians. Seriously… and I drive a lot so you can imagine how many times I let an expletive go . If a poll is taken – I am only going on my own experiences here – the result will quite likely be the same: Colm Imbert… hands down…

First off, no matter where you drive, the roads are not the responsibility of the Minister of Works and Transport. To hear him describe these “orphan roads” and those that fall under the ambit of the regional corporations, one can quite honestly ask, what does the MoWT really do? Now I’ll be bold enough to answer that:

First area of responsibility is to read all the newspapers and then dispatch a quick email to the editor complaining (but really making excuses) on any article, commentary or reader’s letter he has a problem with. Second is to align himself with any mega project that he can claim as his idea. Third, sharpen his skills as a debater in Parliament by extending certain vowels and consonants that aim to deride the opponent/s and in turn make him sound superior. (The most recent example – he heard when Patrick said the evidence brought by Carl Khan was a, “faaaabrication and that was a fffffact”). Last, but not least, a veritable encyclopedia of details about what happened in the past with his opponent/s so that it can be used as an excuse (again!) or a shield as to why he couldn’t do something.

Colm, get a grip. We call you Imps, Imblah, Tattoo as signs of derision, but what we really need are good roads to drive on, effective drainage and a clean, corrupt free licensing office. You think you could handle that with that humungous ego of yours still intact?

So question time: If like me you live east of Port of Spain, have you ever gone to MovieTowne and when returning home via the Audrey Jeffers Highway made the mistake of being on the right lane at the traffic lights by Ana Street? Really big mistake… Swear that my car was going to fall apart. The containers coming out of the port has made a ridge (like a wagon wheel of old) so imagine hitting a sharp bump at 50 mph. At nearly every single intersection, there’s a similar feel. I remember one night trying to cross the the Kay Donna Intersection in Curepe heading south into the Southern Main Road and it felt as if all my rubber disappeared and I was riding on my rims only!

And the question on citizens minds is, why can’t these things be fixed? Is it beyond our engineering and constructive capabilities? Are we waiting for the Chinese? I know that they are not in this part of the construction sector as yet, but maybe they can patch roads better than some of our local small contracting scamps. There was this stretch of road that a contractor – Harry Persad and Sons if I remember correctly – was ‘patching’ some time ago. The job was so bad, the road felt worse than before the ‘repair’ – honest truth. Now someone signed off on the work and the contractor got paid, so as far as the MoWT is concerned, that road is ‘fixed’. Talk about reason to cuss…

Last, but not least, is when WASA digs the road. Years ago I remember seeing in the newspapers a full page ad where the same Imbert was talking about a ‘certificate of approval’ issued by the MoWT for repairs that WASA did after excavation so I am at a loss where that is. Anyone can vouch for the half-baked repair jobs so we can assume that the approval talk was just talk, or the benchmark is very low…

Come on Colm, do the job you are being paid to do so you can salvage some semblance of a legacy when you depart public office. Believe me, you don’t want to be remembered for who you are now.


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