Posted by: nastylittletruths | March 15, 2010

Mine Is Better Than Yours

I was listening to the midday news and heard a familiar name mentioned in a press conference by WASA so I had to go check my files…

But, what is this!? After all the ole talk from Drs. Shafeek Sultan Khan and Jim Lee Young about corruption, there’s a new Programme Manager at WASA who used to be a Commissioner on the WASA Board!? Did I hear right? Yes, I did, but how she ge’ da wuk? 

Stacey Dillon used to be a WASA Commissioner and has assumed the substantive post of Programme Manager after the abrupt departure (less than a month ago) of the last person who held the post. I heard on the grapevine that even though she was an employee of WASA for over 20 years and a competent engineer, she didn’t last 18 months in this post. (She in turn had replaced a guy who was there for many years and who left late 2008).

Was it a case of undue pressure to clear the way for someone like Stacey? Now if you thought this is a straight case of ‘do as I say, not as I do’, from what I understand WASA’s Programme Manager oversees the real money at the utility – all the capital projects costing millions and billions. Yuh think it easy? To quote a has-been/mash-up politician – “corruption, corruption everywhere, but there’s nothing like PNM corruption!”

I always wondered why WASA’s board was all gung-ho about cleaning up the utility and making it lily white when the people who appointed them are looking dirtier by the day, but it’s getting clearer now. Opportunities may abound at WASA and it’s time the old thieves are replaced with new ones.

Come on SSK, tell us what’s the deal… How can the appointment of a WASA Commissioner to a substantive post within the utility not look suspect? How could this have happened under your watch when bodies have been falling left, right and centre for over a year now? And what about Mustapha Abdul-Hamid, your line minister? How does he feel about this?

I have a problem – no matter how ‘transparent or above board’ you will say the process was – for someone who was favoured enough to be on the board to apply and then get a job with the same company. Like Patrick with Hazel – it just isn’t done – no matter how well suited they may be for the post.


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