Posted by: nastylittletruths | March 12, 2010

We Were So Wrong

The PM today reminded us of what we forgot after eight years – nothing is wrong with nepotism. Isn’t his wife a senior cabinet minister?

So what if a state company’s chairman awarded over TT$800 million dollars of work to a construction company that, coincidentally, has his initials, had his private fax number on official correspondence and two directors are related to his wife?

We were mistakenly under the assumption that all this was wrong, but not in Patrick’s eyes. We should be ashamed of ourselves, ent?



  1. If Patrick Manning is innocent of all accusations, then the people of T&T are not only wrong they are gullible idiots who deserve to be swindled by a two face con man like Patrick Manning.

    • As much as I cringe when I hear the comment, “people get the leaders/government that they deserve”, I can’t deny the truthfulness of the statement.
      I didn’t deserve this… many of us didn’t deserve this.And you are quite right – if elections are called in the morning the faithful 300,000 may just do what they are accustomed doing.

  2. Patrick’s eyes have undergone surgical procedure that is supposed to cure nearsightedness… makes me wonder if it worked?

    • Counting zeros in the bank balance Bandi, counting zeros! After the first 100 million or so it gets a lil difficult to see…

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