Posted by: nastylittletruths | March 7, 2010

My Manifesto, Pt. 1

This was started about 6 months ago, but very relevant to the practically scotch-free ‘escape’ of a man who has a lot of questions to answer…

Imagine that! Resign and jump in a plane back to the place I am 100% sure he never gave up his citizenship for. So what about all the money spent by the UdeCoTT board to protect this man in the courts? What about the other board members? I heard Michael Annisette still defending the man on television last night! And if we do need him back here, how much money and how much time will it take to bring him back?  The secrets he must know!

Ever since Independent Senator Ramesh Deosaran challenged the government to reconsider the property tax and put it in their manifesto for the next election, I’ve been musing about if I had to draft one myself what will I put in it…

The first thing that came to mind (remember I’m looking for votes, eh) is to solemnly promise to go after the stolen money. Come hell or high water, I will get it back even if the scamps have to manually scrub the walls of the non-revenue earning excesses of their squandermania. Forget Bob Lindquist – he’s been here so often he must be a card carrying member of a political party by now.

Seriously, I want back every cent stolen from the public purse by every crook in this country PLUS they have to make jail…


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