Posted by: nastylittletruths | March 3, 2010

Daughters of Debe

The title should have really read ‘Granddaughters of Debe’, but this just sounds better…

All I can say is, wow… What an amazing coincidence that on the same day – February 25th 2010 – two women from the same family line could have gained, not yet the absolute pinnacle of their respective careers, but remarkable personal achievements for themselves and a symbolic one for their gender.

The inevitable came to pass when KPB assumed the role of Opposition Leader, being the first woman to do so in our history. And further east of President’s House a distant cousin, Vidia Persad-Doodnath, was assuming her position as the first woman working at Angostura to be appointed as a director on the board of the company. Again, wow…

(Just in case you are wondering – I know ‘real’ plenty people, eh). In time we will see how KPB’s paternal family’s values and traditions will influence her leadership style and behaviour – we certainly know what she’s capable of in other roles – but if Vidia is any indication, a quiet, unassuming powerhouse is very likely. Ladies, you should be very proud of your achievements to date and I couldn’t wish any better for you in the future.


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