Posted by: nastylittletruths | February 12, 2010

Wireless In The Dark Ages

Between TSTT and Digicel, one never knows which is worse…

I’ve been trying since last year to find out which providor is the better bet when it comes to internet/email mobility and it turns out that if you don’t have Blackberry phone – don’t bother. Of course I don’t have one and have no intention of buying one (personally I think they are huge, bulky and, well, really ugly phones) as my employer prefers phones that run Windows Mobile.

The thing is, how did Blackberry ended up wielding this power? They certainly don’t make the best phones in the world, but their technology is sound. Their marketing is probably much better for everyone to think that they are at the top of the heap. I mean, admittedly, having a BB is somewhat of a status symbol even though a majority of the owners just use it to make and receive calls.

I guess I’ll have to wait until 2020 . I heard that things are supposed to be much better then… I certainly have time to review different makes and models of mobile smartphones… :-)



  1. I’ve heard that you can only get unlimited mobile internet from Digicel, if you get a BlackBerry. If you want to get unlimited internet on something other than a BB then you have to go to bmobile. The Bmobile package is also about 20-30 TT less per month.

    I have an unlimited mobile account wih bmobile for my iPhone and it works good enough.

    so.. if you don’t want a blackberry then just get a sim from bmobile and stick it in the internet capable phone of your choice.

  2. by the way. The Windows Mobile OS is lame. The best are iPhone, Android, Blackberry.

  3. Never took a WinMo phone before on a test drive, but I have a colleague with one (Samsung Omnia) and he likes it. My IT people, however, are the ones who have the love affair with it. No WinMo phone, no access to work email that runs on MS Exchange Server…
    I should try an Android phone (the iPhone is probably the slickest phone on the market, but I’m not too much of a touchscreen guy)

  4. I like a a full size touch screen because mobile browsing is so much better on it. I guess if you do a lot of typing then a phone with actual buttons may be better but It’s all about what you are accustomed to really.

    Anyway take a look at all these windows mobile phones on GSM arena

    And again you should call digicel and see if they have unlimited internet for non BB phones but I think bmobile is the way to go if u don’t want a bb.

    good luck!

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