Posted by: nastylittletruths | February 5, 2010

Who’s a PNM Now, Bas?

** Originally published under a different heading and in the interest of not wasting valuable cyberspace to repeat Basdeo Panday’s name – I couldn’t help but return to this after the shameless display by Bas and Kelvin in parliament today (March 5th). What  makes it even more sad is that I went the length and breadth of this country telling people about this in 2007, but they didn’t listen…

William Lucie-Smith in his article of Wednesday February 3rd in the Express wrote as follows:

“Mr. Panday has been roundly rejected by his own party members and needs to be politely ignored. Many have joined the bandwagon of praising his long service and contribution to national service. I disagree and believe that he will be remembered as a mountebank populist demagogue of dubious integrity who contributed little to Trinidad and Tobago. The poor grace with which he took his defeat was on par with his disgraceful concession speech at the last general election”.

(Lemme break up the language – a “mountebank populist demagogue” is a charlatan, or fake, who uses oratorical skills to arouse the emotions, passions and prejudices of people to gain power and popularity)



  1. lol, i love this!

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