Posted by: nastylittletruths | February 4, 2010

An’ Yuh Go Still Vote PNM?

I don’t think I could do better than Noel Kallicharan, Rabindra Moonan and others who have roundly condemned the ole talk coming from Shafeek ‘Spin’ Khan and his new sidekick, Jim Lee Young, about the sad state of affairs regarding our water supply, but didn’t you get the feeling something was sounding rather familiar?

Listening to the pile of rubbish as to why our taps and tanks are dry, apportioning blame but taking no responsibility, taking punitive measures against a hapless population and making us feel as if it’s all our fault, it reminds me of how Patos frittered away all our money and have only glass and steel to show for it. No water to drink, but you can go Hyatt and pay $45 for a bottle of Voss! There are water tank companies in Trinidad who have been in business for 35 years – 35 years and yet business is still booming. What does that tell you?

So SSK fired people over a year ago for ‘corruption’ and continue to fire people and that’s why we have no water? I wonder if he understands the difference between corruption and incompetence… Yes, so two senior managers had a love affair with a pipe supplier (French!!). Yes, all the staff from the inspection and approvals department were sent home because they were all contractors using inside information to get rich. What else?

What about the foreign consultants (Canadian!!) who made you scrap a whole tender (a politically important one for Patrick) because they were trying to sell inside information to the bidders? Why didn’t you fire them instead? I understand that your Board ‘investigated the matter’, found no evidence of wrong-doing and the consultant is still working on other projects for WASA, so why did you cancel the bid?

And Jim Lee Young pulling some convenient figure of 67% of leaks are inside people’s properties? Uh, what I want to know is what percentage in volume of water is lost there, not a number. And let’s not talk about meters… A plan that can’t seem to come off the ground but SSK and JLY won’t talk about the parties positioning themselves to benefit when it does happen (French!!).

What a waste of time… The twist though is that a corrupt and inefficient government appointed a micromanager to head a board (yuh think Steve Bideshi and Claude Musaib-Ali leave CLICO jes’ so?) who haven’t delivered, and they turn around tell us the reason is corruption. Lord help us all – except for the 300,000 who will still vote PNM in the morning.


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