Posted by: nastylittletruths | February 1, 2010

The Bitter Truth

I heard my old acquaintance Prakash Ramadhar saying last Thursday night that the win by KPB of the political leadership of the UNC does not spell doom for the COP and, with all respect, I have to disagree. Now Prakash is bright guy, and I will never have anything bad to say about him because we go back at least 35 years, but I understand his dilemma.

The COP had its genesis in the collective disappointment with Bas and the revelation that he cannot be at the helm of a party vying for government. Full stop. Sunity Maharaj couldn’t have put it better when she said in today’s Review that the raison d’etre of the COP no longer exists. She even went on to say that the ONR faction may end up holding their hands in talking with the UNC until they see how things go…

As a COP supporter in the last GE and one who advocated that Dookeran should have resigned as the political leader when he couldn’t bring home his own seat, I say that the bitter truth (as opposed to the name of this blog) is that the estimated eighty odd thousand former UNC supporters who had voted COP instead will be heading home if elections are called tomorrow. The only ‘accommodation’ with the COP will be in the non-traditional constituencies of the UNC – read PNM country…


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