Posted by: nastylittletruths | January 25, 2010

Who Will It Be?

The post of Leader of the Opposition, which Bas has already indicated that he will not relinquish, will be the next battle royal within the UNC. The question is, who will be the first two to jump ship to save their miserable selves?

There are only 15 UNC members and logic will say that a simple majority of 8 will suffice to meet Fete to the Max. So with the obvious five – Kam, Jack, Ramesh, Gypsy and Partap, and a questionable Nizam – only need two more. Let’s see now…

As difficult as this may seem, for some strange reason the only Panday loyalist that I think has great potential is Vasant Bharat. He’s obviously brilliant, well-spoken and for the most part keeps his emotions well reigned. I think that he has something to offer this country, but that’s my opinion, and the stain on him is being a Panday loyalist.

Of the rest – I’ll discount the following even if they came on their hands and knees – Tim, Mikela, Roodal, Subhas, Kelvin and Chandresh – they will follow Bas to the grave. That only leaves Hamza… Now again, I accept that Hamza is a dead beat (having little to show the people of Freeport after six years in Government, much less eight years and counting in Opposition) but I know him personally as a decent guy.

But this is politics and my choosing those I won’t mind seeing around has no bearing on whom the new political leader will accept as support for Opposition Leader.


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