Posted by: nastylittletruths | December 31, 2009

The Mantra Of Statistics

So the Acting CoP James Philbert said that they solved 99 out of the 547 murders of 2008 (I will use his figure instead of the newspapers’ count of 550) which works out to 18.1% detection rate. Not very impressive and I will not disregard the fact that conviction is lower than 1%…

It may be easier to blame the recanting of sworn testimony of witnesses who fear for their lives (but again, if the police can’t protect them, what do you expect?) and the exceptionally long time it takes in our jammed judicial system, but the numbers don’t lie.

So in the spirit of year-end statistics, let me share one I picked up in a short hop over the border from the US to visit family in the city of Pickering, Ontario. (I dread my return trip to the US to take the flight back home… We came for the Christmas weekend and after the attempted bombing crossing back into the US at the border is a nightmare). But I digress…

On Christmas Day, the region of Durham to which Pickering belongs to recorded it’s sixth murder for the year. The sixth…

This is a territorial area of 974 square miles (just a bit more than half of Trinidad) and a population of 561,000 (2006) which is a little less than half of ours and six murders for the year… Anyone remembers the apologists who says crime is a universal phenomena and happens everywhere?

I had to read the online news on this New Year’s Eve, but very depressing when compared to what I’ve seen for the past few weeks while on holiday. Freezing my rass off in Ontario and heading back to the US to continue the freezing before heading home and I wonder if it’s time to think about staying…


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