Posted by: nastylittletruths | December 10, 2009

‘Laventee’ and Felicity

(I’m always surprised at how time flies when there’s a post I started but just can’t seem to complete… This one I started since February 11th)

Ralph Nader had said that, “a basic function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not followers“. In the business world they speak about “freely giving away authority” (George Brymer), but politics is a more exciting arena to discuss the concept. This post was started since the ‘war’ in the UNC-A became full-blown, and as a COP supporter in the 2007 general election, I revelled in my vindication that they couldn’t last a year… But as they are the official opposition to a rampant PNM, I also have to feel ashamed that they make the government look much better than they really are.

Basdeo Panday has led his current party (UNC post Club 88) to three election defeats – 1991, 2002 and 2007. Prior to that I guess I can only check 1976 and 1981, so that’s five. Owen Arthur led his party to a loss in Barbados and he resigned. How many men and women before have done that? Quite a bit, but not Bas… In management theory, it is said that rewards are generally given for achievement rather than for effort alone or trying hard. In that context it is easy to see why he harps so much on the ‘struggle’, because his achievements are rather limited.

But the purpose of the subject line is to show that at the core, even though the Indo vote has been described as more transient than the Afro one, when it comes down to the wire, Felicity votes the same way as Laventee. Imagine a loser of elections like Bas who never paid any attention to them when he was in power for six years and yet they will vote for him until either they slide into the swamp, or it is drained dry.

Similarly, the most depressed part of the East-West corridor will vote PNM until they die – which by the looks of things is getting quite early. And for their unwavering loyalty, they are treated with scant regard – almost contempt. The politicians are like abusive ‘men’ who think that they can do what they like because the woman ‘not going anywhere’.

So we are on the threshold of a watershed event – a UNC internal election where the fox has been deemed by many as old and ready for retirement. Will the status quo change, or will Felicity do what it is expected to do?


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