Posted by: nastylittletruths | December 9, 2009

Kamla The Brave – An Update

Originally posted as ‘Kamla The Coward’ (and with a caveat hoping that I’m proven wrong) it is now history that KPB is contesting to be the political leader of the UNC. Not only that, but vying to be the first female political leader of a party that has seats in Parliament and is the official Opposition.

Now while I congratulate her on her decision (too many people crying out for a hero – or heroine – to lead them to the promised land) just like the great betrayer, I have concerns about her leadership qualities. The only thing I hold against her was her unwavering loyalty to Bas. The question is, and it will come out in the campaign, if she wins the post, what level of deference will she extend to the Fox? I honestly wish her all the best. With her at the helm of the UNC, opposition unity is once more possible …

In April 2008 I wrote this piece about Kamla Persad-Bissessar who continues to defy common-sense. (Not UNC sense, mind you. We all know that with UNC sense applied, no one contests an election against Bas or the ‘political graveyard’ is your eventual destination).

As of today, notwithstanding calls from all quarters for her to vie for the leadership of the UNC, Kamla remains ‘undecided’. And my bet is that there will be no contest. Kam will just fade into the infamous graveyard by her own inaction. Who in their right mind will want a leader that is so obviously afraid to go against Bas wishes anyway? Not me.

Kamla has done herself, and all those who support her – especially women – a great disservice by taking the coward’s way out. The longer she stays silent the more she destroys whatever credibility she has as a leader. I understand the fear of battling it out with Bas as he fights dirty, but at least let people know not to waste their time by playing coy.

I was right 20 months ago and I hope that I am proven wrong this week. The UNC will die with Basdeo Panday, as it deserves to, simply due to inaction by its members and gratuitous fawning by the inner circle. I won’t even waste time to talk about the great betrayer since he gets enough air time on IETV… Anyone else ever notice that? It’s as if they are on retainer to cover any statement by Ramesh – even if he’s talking to five people…


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