Posted by: nastylittletruths | December 8, 2009

All For ‘Lavish Praise’

Whenever the final count is made public (ha!) of all that was spent on CHOGM,  all we can say is that is the price Patrick paid for the ‘lavish praise’ heaped upon him by the idiots who came for the all-expenses paid junket. And the best part was when he got to drink from a golden goblet owned by the Queen herself! I can bet that some craftsman has already been commissioned to make a similar set for the Emperor and his Court at La Fantasie…

And what about French President Nicolas Sarkozy? How hypocritical can you get from a man who is the president of one of the cleanest countries in Europe? They have nuclear energy and rank in the 20’s for carbon dioxide emissions per capita. They are low down in any list of industrialised nations with regard to pollution but he can come here and flippantly say that aluminium smelters are safe. I tell you…

But, ask Patrick what was the real deal for Sarkozy being in Trinidad. Okay, hold up… I can figure this out by myself… Vinci (the people who built the overpass)… French; Bouygues (the people who built the waterfront and now nine police stations)…  French; Alstom (the key partner in the consortium to build the rapid rail, but whose other core business is power generation)… French; Sappel (a water meter company that ‘gave’ WASA 2,500 ‘free’ meters and probably has nothing to do with the push for universal metering)… French.

Oh yes, way before the Chinese, the French knew ‘how to do business’ in foreign territories… So don’t get carried away by the pappyshow. Brown and Rudd were here to talk about football and Sarkozy was here to talk about business. I saw the best description of the acronym CHOGM by a letter writer to one of the newspapers and it was “Caribbean Holiday on Government Money” – sounds like that, aye?



  1. The Sarkozy connection is now exposed but to Pathos, that is nothing. He will have to call an elections soon if he is to prevent his sanctioned wrongdoers from going to jail. Anyway, I don’t expect much since it seems he already has the law in his own hands

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