Posted by: nastylittletruths | October 26, 2009

A Lesson For Gandhi Village

A few weeks ago one of the regular scenes of ‘burning debris in the road’ to highlight community ills took place at Gandhi Village in Debe. The usual talk about neglect by the various ministries was standard fare, but what caught my attention were the choice words some villagers had to say about their parliamentary representative – UNC MP Roodal Moonilal and by extension UNC MP Mikela Panday.

My usual retort (similar to complaints emanating from PNM constituencies) is, “and if elections were called tomorrow morning – yuh go still vote XXX”. And it’s true… no matter what the hardships, people in TnT have to be really down on their luck – ‘catching dey arse’ as we say to replicate a 1986. But, there is hope my fellow citizens of Gandhi Village and it lies only with you…

Jump high or jump low, Keith Rowley and UdeCoTT kangkalang notwithstanding, the PNM will get their 300,000 votes next elections. I’ll explain a little more later, but working on pure numbers from the last election alone, the PNM is a minority government that can lose an election in Trinidad if the ‘transient’ opposition votes can be consolidated into one. (Yes Bas, unfortunately I agree with your statement that you have to die first, but contrary to popular ‘UNC till ah dead’ opinion, you are mortal like all of us).

The UNC, or whatever coalition/new party comes into being next election will take back the five seats lost to split votes – Barataria/San Juan, Chaguanas East, Pointe-a-Pierre, Princes Town South and St. Joseph – but that’s only 20 seats. Two prime seats for the PNM’s downfall will be San Fernando West and Tunapuna and it will be 1995 all over again…

The lesson for Gandhi Village and all the UNC strongholds is simple – change your paradigm or stay in opposition forever. Bas not going anywhere and the sycophants surrounding him are not worth elevating to replace him. If he is alive he will still be calling the shots and if dead they will hold seances to get his advice on what to do. Imagine nearly all hands shot up in the air yesterday when a motion was tabled asking him to step down (wow… reflect on that for a moment… there really can be change…) and let Kamla take the reins and yet he dismissively talks about who wants to go can go.

And what about Kamla? The woman who showed a niggling of a spine last elections when Jack Warner led the charge to knock her out of a ‘co-leader’ post but went back to her groveling mode soon thereafter. I know, as most people do, that she can’t lead that party as she has too many skeletons in the closet. The personal attacks will be vicious and incontestable..

So Bas can say we are naive, provocative and insulting how much he wants, we know the reality – he is at the helm of a party that is unelectable to government and once people like you in Gandhi Village understands that, there will be no need to dissolve any party… it will die on its own.



  1. “If he is alive he will still be calling the shots and if dead they will hold seances to get his advice on what to do.” that is the quote of the year as it explains why we are seeing and heading for the iceberg but can’t do a thing about it. And I agree, Kamla is no leader, she just rolls her Rs to make up for lack of content.

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