Posted by: nastylittletruths | October 23, 2009

Is Policing About Saving Face?

The Acting CoP said on Tuesday that “we (the Police Service) must show the criminals who are in charge” after a murder accused was assassinated in the precincts of the Rio Claro courthouse while being escorted by two policemen. A summary of the event in the Express read as follows:

Peter Garcia was in handcuffs, police officers at his side, on the compound of a court, with dozens of officers nearby, when he was shot dead by men mocking the State’s ability to protect. Garcia had no chance to defend himself, and no one to defend him. The police constables escorting him to the police station next door released their prisoner and ran after the first gunshot. The policemen who responded to the shooting came long after the suspects were gone

Four sentences, but what a story… Look at the key phrases – ‘mocking the State’s ability to protect’, ‘no one to defend him’, ‘ran after the first gunshot’, ‘came long after’… Yes, I know it was a murder accused but the sheer brazenness of the act even had James jumping.

But here is the source of my question: was the Acting CoP direct involvement in the investigation and apprehension of two suspects Wednesday driven out of his concern about the murder, the act or trying, albeit way too late, to save some face? You see, I am leaning towards the last because with an abysmally low detection rate for the 400+ murders in TnT, this one was personal. His men couldn’t protect the victim, they ran and they came back later when they were sure it was safe…

Any surprises here? Absolutely none because that’s the response we get when we call the police from our homes… They never have a vehicle in the station to respond to your desperate calls for help, they are never on site while an act could be prevented.

(As a side story, a friend of mine had some questions that stumped me recently. She said every morning on her way to work – Monday to Friday – she passes the same police vehicle at around the same part of her route at around the same time so she has to assume that it’s a policeman/woman on their way to some specific location. How is this possible? Does the officer have the vehicle go home and back to work the next day effectively parking a valuable asset for the night? Is the vehicle being used to drop someone off at school or work in the morning? I have got to get the vehicle number from her and see where it leads to…)

But back to the Acting CoP’s comment about showing who is in charge. Mr. James, the criminals are in charge – whether white-collar, blue or no collar. You abdicated your duty in not initiating criminal inquiries into massive allegations, and subsequent sworn testimony, of fraud and corruption. The perception is that you defer to the political power of the day so then it can be deduced that you are not in charge of the Police Service… And if politicians bow to money, or who has it, as their god and behind every wealth is a crime, what does that say about who’s in charge?

Ding, ding, ding… I can see the light go on in your head, but as usual, you can’t/won’t do anything about it… But I have to give you this – you can certainly talk the talk… You sound sincere, motivational – you don’t read from a piece of paper – say the right things, but still no action.


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